About us

FinePlan Consulting Limited

Founded in July 2018 by Hamid Gholami who after 17 years working as a project planner had a passion of building a network of qualified project planners.

FinePlan connects the planning and project controls professionals with the projects who need support no matter how big or small.


Greener future with sustainable environment; by providing great planning services to companies who are heading towards the greener world.


The main focus of FinePlan is to provide services to renewable projects across the world and play its part in speeding up the transition to green and renewable energy.

Operating Model

Proper project planning is key in every project success. Sometimes the importance of a good planner and project schedules is underestimated which could result in project delays, and delays means cost. Some projects, for cost saving reasons, decide not to hire a full time project planner; instead, they use an existing resource with a little knowledge of planning and some software skills as a project planner. Needless to say that the quality of the provided service, therefore is poor and would result in incorrect decision making.

FinePlan has spotted this issue of employers avoiding to hire full time planners and proposes a customised, part time, on-demand solution and support. Our network of highly experienced planners, are available with the shortest notice to deliver an assignment whether it is developing a small tender schedule or a long term part time support throughout the project. This way, the project will benefit of having a skilled resource, high quality schedules and good advise on decision making, all on-demand while avoiding the cost of a full time planner.
While renewables are the main target of Fineplan, however, the same level of service is provided to projects in other industries.

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