October 20, 2021

OF will continue to accept sexually explicit content

OnlyFans changes the decision and will continue to accept sexually explicit content

In the original article from October 2021 OnlyFans end with pornographic content, OnlyFans stated that from October 1, no content creator will be able to sell pornographic videos or photos through their platform.

Onlyfans sexual content

It looks like it will come to a significant change, and after a lot of pressure from users who worked mainly in the pornographic sector on OnlyFans, the owners decided to keep the OnlyFans platform functional for all content creators. This means that everything will be as it was before and you will still be able to buy membership or sell pornographic material through OnlyFans.

On Twitter, OnlyFans said that they want to provide a home for all creators.

Meanwhile, in a panic, many content creators have found a new home for their photos and videos on adult tube sites, where their videos sell much better. Adult tube sites have a huge amount of traffic and their users are "ready" to buy "sensitive content". The impact to OnlyFans will be seen over time.

For now OnlyFans has agreed with the representatives of the banks, which secure payments for their online platform, that they will leave the OnlyFans rules set as they were, but we will see for how long.

It's a big uncertainty, as one of the women who sell nude photos and videos on OnlyFans said, has already found new sales channels similar to OnlyFans. But one thing is for sure, banks and companies that operate card cards are not friends with porn. It is only a matter of time before the new restrictions will be enforced from the side on OnlyFans and their banks.